Light Progress deals with producing equipment uv-c germicides

For nearly 30 years Light Progress has been occupied with the design and production of UV-C ray devices, with strong germicide power to disinfect the air, water and surfaces of the environment. Leader in the sector, the company has been a pioneer in the study of the use of UV-C rays since the early 1980s. The vast field experience and applications find use in completely different sectors between healthcare industry, food industry, HVAC systems and water treatment.

EgoHealth is active in the field of bioengineering and of public health

The egoHealth team is composed of 4 professionals: a lawyer, an electronic bioengineer, a doctor specialized in Hygiene and Public Health, and a biologist with complementary skills to research and develop innovative and highly technological medical devices. Three Co-founders are Professor/Researchers of the University of Siena with a relevant scientific activity in the field of Bioengineering and Public Health.