Stet Clean è il dispositivo LED UV-C indossabile che disinfetta lo stetoscopio

Disinfection on your desk

The first desk device for the disinfection of the stethoscope, specifically designed to ensure security and deep hygiene to patients thanks to the action of UV-C LED rays.

Stet Cube is conceived to be always close at hand for every professional using a stethoscope. But the advantages of Stet Cube are not limited to its advanced UV LED based disinfection technology. Designed as a small cubic box, Stet Cube is an innovative and practical device, always available to doctors and healthcare professionals. Its lightness and limited footprint make it ready to use on the studio desk, in the hospital carts equipment or hooked to a wall thanks to its special bracket.


  • innovative UV-C LED technology
  • automatic double level of treatment: 3 minutes for standard disinfection, 2 minutes more for a deeper disinfection
  • compatible with every stethoscope type and dimension (pediatric, neonatal, cardiological, …)
  • microprocessor for irradiation and security controls
  • special polycarbonate body
  • status light indicator: ongoing treatment, treatment complete, low battery, malfunction
  • rechargeable battery with standard micro USB cable
  • high battery autonomy


  • after opening the cover, position the stethoscope into the cone inside the box, being careful to lock it by the hooks upwards and downwards
  • the treatment begins automatically by closing the cover, with the LED activation; a blinking blue light indicates the treatment is in progress
  • automatic shutdown occurs at the end of the complete 5 minute treatment cycle
  • instantaneous automatic shutdown of the process if the cover is opened at any time